Meagan Ahmad

Records Examiner/Analyst
U.S. Attorney’s Office, Northern District of Florida
Tallahassee, FL

I have been working at FSA since June 2017 in a medium-sized U.S. Attorney’s Office district, the Northern District of Florida, so I work a forfeiture case from start to finish. I input data from the seized assets, draft legal documents for the Assistant U.S. Attorneys, and track the forfeiture process to make sure it’s done correctly. My cases are all criminal and usually involve firearms. I pride myself in my reliability and ability to maintain good relationships with federal agents.

I like working for FSA because I’m able to work independently and create my day-to-day structure. FSA also feels more like a career instead of just a job.

I’m currently attending Tallahassee Community College to obtain an associate degree in paralegal studies. I’m taking three online classes at a time so I can finish quickly and take the NALA certification exam to be a Certified Paralegal. This credential will be an asset to the U.S. Attorney’s Office and to FSA as well as a building block for my career.

My future aspirations include being a guardian ad litem, which is an impartial person the court appoints to act as a representative for minor children in a contested custody proceeding. This will be a great way to use my legal knowledge and skills to give back to my community and to give me court experience. I would get to be the voice for a child when they need it the most.

My husband, a combat veteran and currently a 911 dispatcher, and I recently bought a house in Tallahassee. We have a cocker spaniel, tabby cat, and a pet snake. My hobbies are mostly video games and personal finance, so you could call me the ultimate nerd. I love spreadsheets and planning for our future.