We know the challenges our nation’s federal public safety agencies face and how to meet them. It takes more than know-how — it takes a relentless drive and commitment to mission success.

With a track record of exceptional performance in the law enforcement and homeland security communities, a legacy rich in accomplishment and a base of passionate and highly skilled employees, we have a deep understanding of our customers and their missions, and lasting relationships because of it.

Our high-quality administrative, legal and investigative support services are unmatched in the industry thanks to the unique culture of performance, integrity, accountability and commitment to service FSA fosters.


Records Management
Legal and Litigation Support
Investigative and Audit Support
Program and Operations Management
Administrative Support

Records Management

Our records examiners and analysts deliver efficient and systematic control of the creation, receipt, maintenance, use and disposition of records.

  • Capture and maintain evidence, case files, personal information and other business or Government related document control requirements
  • Ongoing regulatory requirement monitoring
  • File room operation services

Legal and Litigation Support

FSA provides a full spectrum of legal support services to assist Government agencies and US Attorneys with case management, processing and litigation.

  • FOIA support, financial litigation and debt collection
  • 45 barred attorneys and 320 certified paralegal professionals on staff
  • Thorough understanding of legal analysis and interpretation and legal procedures

Investigative and Audit Support

Criminal, forensic accounting, financial investigative, data analysis and auditing support services assist in the analysis of possible fraudulent or non-compliant activities.

  • Our financial analysis, operations and legal assistance work requires an understanding of complex financial instruments
  • 53 Certified Public Accountants on staff
  • 142 retired federal investigators

Program and Operations Management

We provide support across various mission requirements. Attention to detail, patience and perseverance are all elements we bring to each project.

  • Procurement
  • Property management
  • Evidence intake and processing
  • Language and translation services
  • Training
  • Other program management activities

Administrative Support

Knowledgeable, efficient and effective resources meet our customers’ immediate and long-term administrative needs.

  • Clerical support
  • Documentation services


We are committed to helping our customers achieve their missions, from law enforcement to homeland security, across federal civilian agencies nationwide. Our teams effectively respond to the evolving priorities of our customers, our workforce and our country.  Some representative missions FSA helps the U.S. federal government fulfill include: