Juan Valadez

Financial Investigator

Drug Enforcement Administration

El Paso, TX

I began working at FSA at the company’s founding in 2004 as a Civil Investigator and Spanish translator supporting the DEA. Working for a company that thrives on bettering itself has been a special privilege for me. I am now a Financial Investigator, conducting petition investigations, finding hidden bank accounts and businesses, and assisting with asset identification and forensic accounting.

I live in an older neighborhood where many elderly couples live. My next-door neighbors on both sides of my house are elderly and can barely move around. Over the years, I have become a handyman for them and assist with cutting their lawns, pulling their weeds or repairing broken items around their houses. I also set up their air conditioners in the summer and take them out in the winter. I check in on them frequently and often bring them things to eat when my household makes big meals.

For six years now, at Christmas time, I set up a Christmas light show in front of my house and decorate both my neighbors’ houses so they can be part of the light show on the block. It does my heart good to see how happy and proud they get when people come to see their houses all lit up. I invite the entire neighborhood to see the show, as well as local shelters, police stations, fire stations, and most importantly, the people I work with.

Whatever difference I make in the community, I concentrate on the elderly. Every time I go out to eat and see an old man or woman eating alone, I go over and tell them that I just covered their lunch or dinner bill. This is my way to let them know they deserve something nice happening to them.