Joyce Mechell

Records Examiner/Analyst
Drug Enforcement Administration
Tyler, TX

Although my contracting career dates to 1999 when I served at the Waco U.S. Attorney’s Office, my FSA tenure began in 2004 when FSA won its asset forfeiture contract. I made a career move to the DEA Resident Office in Tyler, Texas and have worked there since August 2014.

I love supporting the DEA’s mission to deter foreign drug lords and all drug trafficking organizations from bringing all kinds of drugs into our country and turning our children into addicts. As a mom and grandmother, I want to protect my family and all families from the horrible effects of drugs.

During my first year supporting DEA, our office helped bring down a big organization that made K-2 synthetic cannabinoids and seized their drugs and over a million dollars in assets and cash. It was a huge success for this little office. I am so proud to be a part of that seizure. Officials estimated they had distributed more than 7.5 tons of synthetic cannabinoids throughout East Texas and several other states and laundered more than $15 million of illegal drug proceeds. It is still the biggest project I have taken on, and my team has helped stop many other drug trafficking organizations since then.

I have 3 adult children, 10 grandchildren aged two to 16 and one great-grandchild, all of whom live in the Central Texas area. My FSA family is an awesome family too. I love being an FSA contractor working to fulfill the DEA’s mission and am blessed to be working at a job I love.

My hobbies include cooking, gardening, crafting, making holiday wreaths, work projects on my lake house, and playing with my dogs, Prince and PooBear. I am trying to restore a greenhouse too. I belong to the Keep It Local Tuesday group, where we support local restaurants and their owners.